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One Official State Flag

There shall only be one official State Flag for Mississippi. That flag shall only be the “1894” flag, adopted by referendum on April 17th, 2001.  

Display of Flag

Require the State Flag be flown at the principal installations of all State supported institutions, State agencies and political subdivisions.   

Constitutional Amendment

By signing and ultimately voting for Initiative 62, Mississippians can ensure that the voice of the voters is not overridden by politcians. 

Initiative 62

Here you will find the Initiative 62 form, a "How To" guide for signing and certifying signatures and FAQs.

Mississippi Flag

This category covers the flag debate and takes a closer look at pro flag and anti flag events and comments.

Economic Impact?

Opposition claims the Mississippi Flag has a negative economic impact on our State.  Read the facts and decide.


This area highlights the public servants that respect for the voter's choice and those that put your vote through the shredder.


This area highlights Mississippians that fight for Mississippians VOICE to be heard.  Here you will learn why they fight so hard.

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