Mississippi Flag

2001 Flag Referendum

In 2001, Mississippi held a State-wide referendum to resolve the issue of Mississippi not having an official flag.  Find out why here. 

Flag Lawsuit

Details of the Flag Lawsuit brought against Mississippi and its Governor.  

Mississippi Flag FAQs

Who designed the Mississippi Flag?  When was the State Flag adopted?  These among many other questions are answered here. 

Pro Flag

This area highlights the pro flag support with videos and discussion.  The biggest argument by Flag supporters, of all ethnic backgrounds, is that the voters chose the current flag.   Removing the flag is the same as disregarding the vote. 

Anti Flag

This area highlights opposition to the state flag.  Race is used as tool by the opposition to take down the State Flag while also taking the vote cast by Mississippi voters of all ethnic backgrounds. 

The Flag Debate

This area highlights videos of the flag debate, generally both sides view in one video that could not be placed in pro or anti flag category.  Videos of  both sides of the debate interacting at joint demonstrations can be found here. 

Flag and Monuments must remain

Ryan S. Walters

“The most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history,” said George Orwell, author of "1984." 

Today we are seeing this right before our eyes.   Whether it is monuments to honor our Founding Fathers or soldiers of the Confederacy and their revered battle flag, Leftists across the country are demanding the destruction of our history to appease their guilty conscience.  

The use of the Confederate symbol in Mississippi’s state flag came in 1894, not during the upheavals of the 1950s and 1960s. It has been linked to racism and Jim Crow only out of historical ignorance. Even today, the battle flag is recognized around the world as a symbol of resistance to tyrannical government, not slavery and racism.

Calling for the removal of the flag, especially by politicians, begins a dangerous precedent and puts us on a very slippery slope, as agents of the violent leftist movement now seek the elimination of everything deemed “offensive,” with no end in sight.  This is something McDaniel and Sojourner understand perfectly and have warned against repeatedly. We should heed their warnings.

In the old Soviet Union, history was constantly altered to suit the needs of that tyrannical regime. A favorite joke among Russian citizens went like this: 

“The future is known. It’s the past that keeps changing.”   Let us not do likewise. 

Stop getting mad and start getting paid!

Arthur Davis

“Got this Mississippi mud in my shoes and it stuck,” he says with a grin. “I never in my wildest dreams saw this coming.” 

“I ain’t the governor. I’m not a senator or a representative,” he says. “But they chose me as the poster boy for Mississippi tourism last year. It’s the greatest honor of my life.

”Tears well in his 70-year-old eyes. “I used to think Mississippi wasn’t a place I wanted to visit,” he says. “All I knew about it was what I’d read, what I’d heard. Well, those folks had it wrong. I can’t think of a more beautiful place to be than right here.” 

 “I have no problem with the emblem,” says Davis, who is African American. “And you know why? Because I pay $2 apiece for these head rags and sell them for $24.95. I’m here to tell people, ‘Stop getting mad and start getting paid.’

“When I lived in Florida, I was mad about it, too. But I didn’t understand. We are sitting on a billion dollar tourist business — the Civil War. It’s waiting to boom. And you know why we won’t cash in? Because some dude might get mad.

“The military battle park in Vicksburg and the one at Grand Gulf … they’re there for a reason. We should be having reenactment skits every day, every two or three hours. People would come and pay to see it if it was promoted. 

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